Season 47, Episode 19

Q#QuestionIncorrect AnswerCorrect Answer
1 The Story Of The Malakand Field Force and The River War - An Historical Account Of The Reconquest Of The Soudan, were early published works by which major figure of the 20th century? In 1953, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.Winston Churchill
The first set of bonuses are on a French region, Ulster.
1The composer Joseph Canteloube is most closely associated with which historical region of France through his collections of folk songs published between 1923 and 1954? Its cities include Vichy and Claremont-Ferrand.Auvergne
1Which leader of the Arverni was defeated by Julius Caesar at Alesia in 52 BC?I'm sorry, we've no ideaThat's Vercingetorix
1And finally, the majority of the Auvergne region lies on which large, upland plateau, which includes the Dore and Forez mountain ranges?Massif Central?
2Right, another starter question - what eight-letter word is thought to derive from the Arabic for hashish eater?Assassin
You get a set of bonuses this time, Ulster, on monkeys.
2Firstly, for five points - what is the common name of Nasalis larvatus, a Borneo monkey that has the largest nose by far of any primate?Proboscis
2Living in the Shimokita Peninsula in Japan, the northernmost population of nonhuman primates belongs to which large genus of old-world monkey?Macaque
2Mantled and Venezuelan red are species of which monkeys in the genus Alouatta? They have greatly enlarged lower jaws that help make them one of the noisiest of all primates.Howler monkeys
3Of the space missions that have had a close encounter with Jupiter, only two have gone into orbit around the planet. Name either?Juno
OK, Warwick, your first set of bonuses are on the first sentences of well-known works of thought. In each case, identify the work and its author or co-authors.
3Firstly, from a work of 1936, "The traditional disputes of philosophers "are, for the most part, as unwarranted as they are unfruitful."Philosophical InvestigationsNo, it's Language, Truth And Logic by AJ Ayer
3Secondly, from a work of 1762, "Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains."Rousseau
3Finally, the co-authors and title of the work of 1848 which begins, "A spectre is haunting Europe."The Communist Manifesto, by Marx and Engels
4The name of which light shoe originates from the resemblance of the side of its sole to a ship's load line.Plimsoll
Your bonuses are on colours listed on Wikipedia. In each case, name the colour from the description. All three begin with the same letter.
4Firstly, a shade of pale, greyish-green, often used to refer to Chinese pottery. It takes its name from a character in a French pastoral novel of the early 17th century.SageNo, it's celadon
4Secondly, a bright shade of orange red. It's name is the French for a species of poppy.CeriseNo, it's coquelicot
4And finally, a shade of mid-blue, named after a wildflower. In France, this flower plays a similar role to the poppy as a symbol of remembrance.Cornflower Cornflower
5For your picture starter, you'll see the court of arms of a European capital city. Ten points if you can name the city?Berlin
The phonetic similarity between Berlin and the German word for bear makes that coat of arms an example of canting arms, where the images presented make a reference to or pun on the city's name. Your picture bonuses are three more examples of canting arms from German state capitals. Five points for each you can name.
5Firstly.FrankfurtNo, it's Stuttgart, it's related to Stute, the German for mare
5Secondly.PotsdamNo, it's Magdeburg. Magde being German for maiden and Burg, of course, meaning castle
5Finally.Monch Munich
6Hongwu was the first emperor of which Chinese dynasty? Born a poor peasant, he entered a monastery to avoid starvation during a famine, and later rose to prominence in a rebel army. He established his capital at Nanjing and overthrew the Mongol Yuan Dynasty.Ming
Right, your bonuses this time, Warwick, are on the tenth-century Latin document known as the Annales Cambriae, or Annals Of Wales.
6A record of the year AD 570 in the Annals marks the death of which monk, the author of The Overthrow And Conquest Of Britain?Gildas
6Gildas describes which battle of the early sixth century as having given the Britons some respite against the invading Anglo-Saxons?BulgeNo, it's Badon Hill
6And finally, whom does the Annals mention as a leading figure at Badon and at the Battle of Camlann, some 20 years later?Arthur?
7Ten points for this - this Swiss chemist and physician Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim is more commonly known by.Paracelsus
Your bonuses are on physics. In each case, give the optical term defined. All three answers are French words or names.
7Firstly, what six-letter word denotes a device formed of two parallel reflectors, which, by the effects of interference, will allow only a narrow range of wavelengths to pass through?A polariserNo, it's an etalon
7Secondly, for five points, a seven-letter term that may precede grating or spectrograph, indicating respectively a diffraction grating with widely spaced lines and a device based on such a grating?PassIt's echelle, or echelon
7And finally, a type of lens formed of annular steps, named after its inventor, a French physicist, born 1788?Fresnel
8What is the common name for the Echinoids of the Echinoidea phylum? Characterised by tubed feet. and a mouth structure called Aristotle's lantern? Their common name comes in part from an old word for a hedgehog.Sea urchin
Right, your bonuses this time are on economics.
8Drawing heavily on psychology, which branch of economics forms the title of a work of 2017 by Michelle Baddeley and is concerned with understanding human decision-making more broadly than as a simple, irrational process?Beyond Thought?No, it's Behavioural Economics
8And secondly, an adviser to the Behavioural Insights Team in Downing Street, which US academic and theorist the wrote the 2015 book, Misbehaving - The Making Of Behavioural Economics?Kahneman Daniel KahnemanNo, it's Richard Thaler
8Which 2008 book did Thaler co-author with Cass Sunstein? It argues that small changes in the choice architecture of society can lead to significant shifts in behaviour?Tipping PointNo, it's Nudge
9what a word entered the language in the late 19th century as a translation of the German term used by Nietzsche in Thus Spoke Zarathustra? it appears in the title of 1903 stage work by George Bernard Shaw.Superman
Your bonuses are on astronomy. In each case, I want the name of one of the 24 stars in the sky with the greatest apparent magnitude or brightness, Ulster, after the sun, according to the 20th addition of Norton's Star Atlas.
9Which star in the constellation Lyra has the shortest name amongst these 24 bright stars?PassIt's Vega
9Which star in Cygnus has the greatest intrinsic luminosity among the 24 and is at the greatest distance from our solar system?SiriusNo, it's Deneb
9And finally, there are two red supergiants in the list with spectral class M. Name either.Sirius againNo, it's Betelgeuse or Antares
10For your music starter, you're going to hear a duet from an opera. Ten points if you can identify the composer.GENTLE ARIA Oh, Offenbach
That was from his Tales Of Hoffmann, which is based on three short stories by the romantic author, ETA Hoffmann. Your music bonuses are three more classical works inspired by Hoffmann's tales. I'd like the composer in each case, please.
10Firstly, for five, from a ballet.Oh, TchaikovskyNo, that's Delibes, that was the waltz from Coppelia, which is based on Hoffmann's The Sandman
10Secondly, I want the composer of this work, please.It could be Debussy LisztNo, that's by Schumann, that was part of his Kreisleriana, inspired by Hoffmann's character Johannes Kreisler
10And finally.Tchaikovsky
11Counting antiparticles and different colour charges and flavours as distinct particles, how many types of quark. exist in the standard model of particle physics?FourNo, it's 36
12The light brown cane sugar Demerara is named after a historical region in which present-day South American country? It was called land of water by indigenous peoples, and is the only English-speaking country.Guyana
Right, Warwick, your bonuses are on women born in 1917. In each case, name the person from the description.
12Firstly, the chair of the board of the Washington Post from 1973 to 1991, during which time the paper did much to uncover the Watergate scandal?No SmithThat was Katharine Graham
12Secondly, a literary figure born in 1917, her works include The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter and The Ballad Of The Sad Cafe.Carson McCullers
12And finally, an exponent of the scat style of jazz singing, born in Virginia, with Louis Armstrong she produced a notable duet version of Porgy And Bess.Ella Fitzgerald
13by Greenwich Mean Time, the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere has, in every year since 2008, fallen on what date? It'll switch to the preceding day in the calendar in 2044.28th October. 21st of SeptemberNo, it's the 20th of March
14a 1960 news report about two Portuguese students sent to prison for seven years for raising glasses in a toast to freedom spurred the barrister Peter Benenson to found which human rights organisation?Amnesty International
You get a set of bonuses on the autobiographies of rock stars, Ulster.
14Subtitled Volume One, what was the title of the memoir published by Bob Dylan in 2004?Don't Look BackNo, it's Chronicles
14What three-word title is shared by Bruce Springsteen's third studio album and his 2016 autobiography?Born To Run
14The Dirt - Confessions Of The World's Most Notorious Rock Band, recounts 20 years of rather wearisome behaviour of Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and other members of which group?Motley Crue
15What three-letter abbreviation links a common name for Scandium, yttrium and the lanthanide elements with a phase of sleep characterised by.REM
You get a set of bonuses on place names.
15Around 20 miles long, the Black Isle is a peninsula lying closest to which Scottish city?Inverness
15The River Blackwater flows for more than 100 miles and enters the Atlantic at Youghal in County Cork. It's often known by name of which historical province to distinguish it from other rivers of the same name?Munster
15And finally, a series of ridges between Abergavenny and Hay-on-Wye, the Black Mountains lie largely within which National Park?Brecon Beacons
16For your starter, you'll see a painting. Ten points if you can identify the artist.Rossetti. William Holman HuntNo, it's by Raphael
17the alphanumeric designation KV62, with the letters standing for the Valley of the Kings, denotes the tomb of which figure of the 14th.Tutankhamen
You just saw, a moment ago, one of Raphael's depictions of St George to slaying the dragon. For your bonuses, three more paintings of St George, in each case, I want the name of the artist.
17Firstly.ChagallNo, that's Kandinsky
17Secondly.TitianNo, that's by Lucas Cranach, Cranach the Elder
17And finally.Rubens
18Ten points for this - on the periodic table, if boron plus carbon is sodium, what is nitrogen plus oxygen?Fluorine? CalciumNo, it's phosphorus Ten points for this - Logical Investigations is a major work by which philosopher, born in Moravia in 1859, he founded the movement known as phenomenology
19Logical Investigations is a major work by which philosopher, born in Moravia in 1859, he founded the movement known as phenomenology.Edmund Husserl
Right, your bonuses are on microbiology.
19What genus of gram-negative bacteria causes cholera?C elegansNo, it's Vibrio
19What short, Latin term denotes the hair-like appendages on bacterial cells by means of which, for example, Vibrio cholerae is able to colonise the small intestine?Pili
19And finally, the term Vibrio may also be used generally to describe a particular shape of bacterium. What is that shape?StraightNo, they're curved rod
20What four-letter name links the highest mountain of Switzerland with a civil rights activist, born in Alabama in 1913?Rosa
You get a set of bonuses on Robert Burns, Warwick.
20Born in 1759 in Alloway, Burns' first attempt at poetry is believed to have been made at the age of 15, after he'd followed his father into what occupation?Carpentry?No, it was farming
20Secondly, in his 1791 poem, Tam O'Shanter, based on a folk legend, what nickname is given to the witch Nannie who chases Tam and rips the tail from his horse?MotherNo, it's Cutty-sark
20In 1785, to what animal did Burns dedicate the poem beginning, "Wee, sleekit. "A mouse
21The Titan, the resurrection...Mahler
They're on China and its neighbours. In each case, name the country and its capital.
21The Araniko Highway runs for more than 100km, from which capital to the Friendship Bridge at Zhangmu, in the Tibet autonomous region?Nepal, Kathmandu
21Which capital is about 400km north of the Torugart Pass, which links its country to the China over the Tian Shan Mountains?Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek
21And finally, the shortest overland route between Beijing and Moscow passes through which other national capital?Kazakhstan, Astana Kazakhstan and AstanaNo, it was Ulaanbaatar and Mongolia
22To the nearest degree, at what temperature Celsius does liquid water achieve its maximum density?-4. SixNo, it's four
23The author of the 2016 book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo, which US comedian made her debut as a screenwriter with the 2015 film, Trainwreck?Tina FeyAmy Schumer
your bonuses are on phobias.
23Using a jocular coinage that depends on wordplay rather than Greek etymology, what would you fear if you suffered from aibohphobia?FlyingNo, it's palindromes
23Xanthophobia is a fear of what colour?Yellow
23What would you fear if you suffered from omphalophobia?Fear of bellybuttons
24Ten points for this - in chemistry, what term denotes the process by which a substance absorbs moisture from the atmosphere until it dissolves and forms a solution?Deliquescence
These bonuses are on theatre.
24First staged in 1958 in a production directed by John Gielgud, Five Finger Exercise is an early work by which British playwright?John OsborneNo, it's Peter Shaffer
24Which 1964 play by Peter Shaffer portrays the conflict between the Spanish and the Inca in the early 16th century?No, it's The Royal Hunt Of The Sun