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Making Maps in “Time-Space” with Python

You can find the code for this on my Github. I walk through it there. How can we make maps by travel-time, rather than distance? This project was inspired by this analysis from Gradient Metrics in which they re-projected Manhattan Island into “Timespace”, which shows how long it takes to get from any two points… Read More »

I made a GIF with ggplot2 and rworldmap

In my last post, I mentioned that I was interested in exploring the mapping capabilities of ggplot2. Well, shortly after I wrote that, I was searching the internet for “ggplot2 animated gif”, and I stumbled across this excellent walkthrough by Rafael Periera, which he had posted just minutes earlier! His blog, Urban Demographics is coincidentally… Read More »

Linkwrap: All Kinds of Disasters

Isoscope shows you how far you can travel from any location in a given amount of time. Could be really useful when you consider the next item:   NUKEMAP is for the more paranoid of you. It lets you detonate a hypothetical nuclear weapon and see what the damage would be like.   A map… Read More »

Linkwrap: Optimus Johnson and Khaleesi Rodriguez

This is an interactive map of all the weather anomalies in the US since 1964. They plotted over 3 million anomalies. Nice!   Deadspin did this analysis of user vs. expert picks in the NCAA bracket.   Apparently Khaleesi is a more common name for 2012 girls than “Betsy”. This is the actual Social Security… Read More »

Linkwrap: Spending and/or Invading

This weird looking ball thing is a cool D3.js interactive spherical Voronoi diagram that shows where the airports are. The south Indian Ocean is extremely isolated in terms of airports, which has implications for MH370.   Where in the world is Ukraine? According to many Americans, it’s in northern Canada or Greenland. To make things… Read More »

Linkwrap: Water, Wind, Earth and Bitcoin

Did you know there’s a new logo?It’s really clever because it has exactly 30 dots (I mean maybe, but you should count them anyway). * * * This is a moving map of the wind. It looks really nice. The Bitcoin 500 — the largest 500 traders on MtGox based on the leaked private ledger.… Read More »

Linkwrap: Race, Demography, and Horse Kicks

Hey all, thanks for subscribing to my Twitter. As you can tell, the blog could still use some (a lot of) work. It’s ok. I know. I’m working on it. * * * This tie generator will make you the center of any dinner conversation. Swedish Mathematician Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson says there are 177,147 unique ways… Read More »

Linkwrap: First Linkwrap!

Victor Powell explains Simpson’s Paradox using some cool D3.JS interactive charts.   BBC Travel made a really fun geography game. Start in a random spot and figure out where you are.   Pew Research made this interactive map to see where remittance money flows from foreign workers to their home countries.   Where do Americans… Read More »