Linkwrap: Spending and/or Invading

By | April 8, 2014

3_airportVoronoiThis weird looking ball thing is a cool D3.js interactive spherical Voronoi diagram that shows where the airports are. The south Indian Ocean is extremely isolated in terms of airports, which has implications for MH370.


4_whereIsUkraineWhere in the world is Ukraine? According to many Americans, it’s in northern Canada or Greenland. To make things worse, the more poorly you placed it, the more likely you wanted to go to war.


5_bikeSharingThis is a cool video showing all of the Citi bikes used in NYC over the course of a few days.


1_nprSpendingHabitsBetter do as much “drinking at home” while you still can. This interactive chart shows what you spend money on while you age.


2_militarySpendingThis graphic shows what governments have spent on their military since the fall of the Soviet Union. Governments generally have to use domestic resources to support their military, so the % of GDP is perhaps more relevant.