Linkwrap: Interactive Circles, Triangles, Blobs

By | April 1, 2014

I’d like to apologize for the layout of the site being horribly messed up all week. I like to do my development straight on my server, which is a terrible methodology.

1_migrationCircleThis is a cool interactive visualization of the global flow of people. It was also featured in Quartz this week.

2_pythagoreanD3Another great interactive tool explaining the Pythagorean Theorem from Victor Powell at We should live in a world where all long text math explanations are annotated like this.

3_ballotStuffingOk. For this one, I think our “null hypothesis” should be to be very skeptical of this conclusion. That being said, I went through their data myself and noticed that yes– there are in fact many poll locations in Russia that reported inexplicably high voter turnout (near 100%) and it does in fact correlate with votes for the winning party.

4_exponentialTankHow fast is an exponential function? Watch this D3.js animation as this professor contemplates how much longer he has to breathe, with exponentially rising water.