Linkwrap: Bad Graphs, Good Graphs, and Graphs about Babies

By | March 18, 2014

1_cohensDHypothesis testing explained with a cool interactive D3.js visualization.

2_worstGraphsTop 10 worst graphs in academic papers. I’m considering creating a segment where I post a bad graph every week.

3_setosaConditionalConditional probability explained in another cool D3.js interactive visualization.

4_babyNames F is now the second least popular letter in baby names, after Q. Even X and Z are more popular. It could be because of PH being in names like Phillip and Stephanie. Also check out this gun-related baby names graph.

5_skyscrapersSkyscraperpage has good data on buildings over 10 stories tall all around the world. It also has some pretty awesome charts comparing the buildings.