Linkwrap: Machine Learning, Cities, and Machine Learning about Cities

By | March 11, 2014

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Hot or Not for CitiesMIT Media Lab’s Place Pulse is like Hot-or-Not but for cities. It attempts to judge cities based on comparing random pictures sampled from around the city. Don’t tell MIT I said this, but there seems to be a huge bias from how they draw the city boundaries.

Urban RankThis analysis of US city population trends is super interesting! The hypothesis is that a city doesn’t recover its population rank after it begins to drop off– It’s not enough that a city is growing, it must grow faster than other cities to maintain its relevance.

nequals 30 is the bees kneesThis handwriting generator from the University of Toronto uses machine learning to generate a new random handwriting. It can even do cursive!

What Makes Paris ParisThis video attempts to answer what makes Paris look like Paris, using machine learning!

3D machine learningOne more machine learning video. It gets pretty hilarious if you wait long enough.