Linkwrap: Black and Blue Heatmaps. Lots of Them.

By | April 29, 2014

1_stravaRunMapThis is a very awesome heatmap made by Strava, which displays very detailed data on where people bike and run worldwide. It also seems to be slightly biased towards people who can afford a smartphone.

2_fbConnectionsMapA map of all Facebook connections as of 2010. Here is a more detailed discussion by the author.

3_collegeAndRaceAn analysis of how race plays into college enrollment. The thesis is that race doesn’t really determine whether you go to college– it actually determines whether you graduate high school.

4_uberDriveMapAnother black and blue heatmap, showing where Uber users go. This is really the same demographic as the Strava users above, so now you can track where Yuppies go in every mode of transportation.

5_incomeInequalityNYTNew York Times published this piece about income trends broken down by country and percentile. It has some cool interactive graphs.