Linkwrap: Optimus Johnson and Khaleesi Rodriguez

By | April 15, 2014

1_weatherAnomaliesThis is an interactive map of all the weather anomalies in the US since 1964. They plotted over 3 million anomalies. Nice!


2_ncaaExpertsDeadspin did this analysis of user vs. expert picks in the NCAA bracket.


3_khaleesiApparently Khaleesi is a more common name for 2012 girls than “Betsy”. This is the actual Social Security Administration data on which this is based. They publish a name when at least 5 kids are named that in a year. 5 boys were named Optimus.


4_movieColorsI guess movie posters are getting bluer?


5_baseballSpendingInteractive comparison of how much baseball teams spend by position.